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Founded In 1895, DAW is an enterprise managed by a traditional Chemical Industry Doctors’ family. It specially engages in the development of coatings and relevant products, persists in providing good quality to clients.  In accordance with the tradition of good quality, in the past 120 years, DAW keeps on research and development, innovating and making great contributions to the coatings industry. 


Technology and innovation is the core value as well as the element of success of DAW SE. For instance, “water dispersing binder” was developed by DAW SE in 1936, which is, still, the foundation of water based coatings today. In order to ensure the leadership in technology and at the same time keeping an objective thinking in market development, besides investment in R&D,  we established an independent research institute named "Robert Murjahn Institute" (RMI). Equipped with modern instruments and managed by professionals, the Institute provides facilities for research, training and product testing for coatings industry. Reports issued by RMI are officially recognized and authoritative.


Today, DAW is Ranking No.1 in Germany coatings market, no.2 in European thermal insulation market. DAW has 30 production bases and 46 subsidiaries/sales offices worldwide. Our products are selling in 40 more countries worldwide.


In last few years, DAW SE Group has decided to position Greater China to a strategic market level.  In order to effectively market in China, in Dec 2016, DAW SE and Beijing Oriental Yu Hong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. formed a joint venture in Hong Kong, named “ DAW (ASIA) LTD. “. Through the joint venture, we will establish new production sites and sales organization in Greater China.

CAPAROL (CHINA) LTD. has established in 2017, we will provide a complete product range in decorative and protective coatings for all types of buildings to the market.  Our outstanding product quality, professional color matching technology, experienced application skills and effective problem solving knowledge will definitely make our clients feel proud. CAPAROL (CHINA) LTD. is committed to bring the most advanced technological products from Germany , which have been proven to be effective, to the China market and will continue to develop new products specially for the China market based on German standard.

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