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1895, The great beginning of over 100 years history

The“Deutschen Amphibolin Werke von Robert Murjahn” Company (DAW Group) was 

founded in Ober-Ramstadt Odenwald.


1909, The beginning of innovation.

With the birth of Alpina Alpinawei?, the first cold-water paint was emerged, and registered 

in Deutsches Patentamt in Berlin.


1936 The birth of modern latex paint 

DAW Group first used acrylic emulsion instead of grease as coating adhesive.


1965 Market Leader

According to sales volume, DAW group became the largest latex paint producer.


1979  New market leader in Europe 

Alpina Alpinawei? became the best-selling interior wall coatings, and changed all the iron drum to plastic drum.


1983 Two Big Decision

Established Alpinaself Farbenvertriebs GmbH & Co. KG and introduced the full line of products to DIY market segments.


1988 Once winner, always winner

As the market leader, Alpina provide the solvent-free and zero emission environment friendly coating.


1993 Forerunners of environmental packaging field

Alpina make environmental packaging of plastic-filled recycled cardboard. Because of this, Alpina had won the honor of World’s Star. 


2001 Healthy home became a trend

Alpina Senan is the first emulsion varnish without preservative in building materials market.


2003  Integrative management system

At the DAW German base, an integrative management system had come into being. This system consisted of quality management, environment management and labor security.


2009:Protect Alps 

In Alpinawei?’s 100th Anniversary celebrations,Alpina and WWF work together to protect the threatened 7000㎡ natural areas.


2011 Alpina had always adhering to the sustainable development.

As Alpina brand, DAW Group was honored of “Sustainable development Producer in 2011” by German Consumers and won silver awards. The consumers encourage the decision of producing sustainable environmental products. 


2012  Alpina break the super brands

Alpina had won awards of “super brand” for four successive years. Super brand means quality concept of full products line, and must have outstanding performance in brand advantage, customers’ management, reputation, stability and brand recognition,then they would have a chance to apply for “super brand”.


2012  Top 10 the best growing brand

As a brand of building materials field, Alpina belongs to Top 10 the best growing brand of “The Best brand” in German brand list. 

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